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PTAB Improperly Shifted Burden of Proof in IPR

In In Re Magnum Oil Tools International Ltd., the Federal Circuit reversed the PTAB’s final decision cancelling challenged claims for obviousness because the record did not include substantial evidence of a motivation to combine references, and because the PTAB improperly shifted the burden of proof on this issue to the patent owner. Petitioner McClinton Energy … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Upholds Use of BRI Standard in Cuozzo

In Cuozzo Speed Technologies, Inc., v. Lee, the Supreme Court affirmed the Federal Circuit’s decision, upholding the PTAB’s use of the BRI standard for claim interpretation in IPRs, and determining that 35 U.S.C. § 314(d) bars judicial review of the PTAB’s decision to institute review on grounds not specifically raised in the IPR petition.… Continue Reading

PTAB Cannot Cancel Claim Based on New Argument Raised at Final Hearing

In Dell, Inc. v. Acceleron, LLC, Case No. 2015-1513, -1514 (Fed. Cir. 2016), the Federal Circuit vacated in part the PTAB’s final written decision in IPR2013-00440, on the basis that the PTAB improperly canceled a claim based on a factual assertion first raised by the petitioner at final hearing, too late for the patent owner … Continue Reading

APJs Dispute Requirements for a Reference to Qualify as a Printed Publication

Final written decisions, IPR2014-00781, IPR2014-01086, IPR2014-00821, IPR2004-00580, IPR2014-00802, for IPRs of several patents owned by Zond, LLC, which include rare dissenting opinions, illustrate different views of APJs concerning the requirements for establishing that a reference is a printed publication under 35 U.S.C. § 102(b). These decisions provide helpful guidance on how to address references whose … Continue Reading

Dissent in SAP v. Versata: Federal Circuit Lacks Authority to Review Whether Challenged Patent is Subject to CBM Proceedings

As reported earlier, the Federal Circuit recently affirmed the PTAB’s final written decision in SAP v. Versata, No. 2014-1194 (Fed. Cir. 2015), its first final written decision in a CBM review. As part of that decision, the Court determined that it had jurisdiction to determine whether the patent at issue was a “covered business method … Continue Reading

PTAB Denies Petitioner’s Request to Terminate IPR Two Months After Institution Decision

The PTAB denied a Petitioner’s request for authorization to file a motion to terminate an IPR without a final written decision, made only two months after the Board issued a decision instituting the IPR. Masterimage 3D, Inc. v. Reald Inc., Case IPR2015-00035, Paper No. 30 (June 25, 2015). After institution of an IPR but before … Continue Reading

Federal Circuit Expected to Provide Guidance on PTAB Claim Amendment Procedures

Following oral argument in an appeal of an IPR in which the PTAB canceled a number of challenged claims and denied the Patent Owner’s motions to amend, the Federal Circuit requested additional briefing from the parties and the Director of the USPTO (Intervenor), concerning interpretation of the PTAB rule for filing motions to amend during … Continue Reading

PTAB Upholds Claims Directed to Chemical Process Based on Expert Testimony and Experimental Evidence

On May 27, 2015, the Board issued a final written decision in Organik Kimya AS v. Rohm & Hass Co., IPR2014-00185, confirming the patentability of all challenged claims of U.S. Patent No. 6,020,435. The ‘435 patent is directed to a chemical process for preparing low-density “hollow” or “voided” multi-stage emulsion polymers used in coating compositions … Continue Reading