Red seal and imprint "SANCTIONS" on white surface

On November 10, 2016, the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) hosted a panel discussion entitled Ethics in AIA Post-Grant Proceedings at the PTAB with the Honorable Thomas Giannetti, Lead Administrative Patent Judge of the PTAB.

The main topic of the discussion was guidance on motions for sanctions.  The rules relating to trial practice before the PTAB allow the Board to impose an appropriate sanction on any attorney, registered practitioner or party that violates the PTAB’s rules after the offending party has had an opportunity to respond.  35 C.F.R. §42.11(d)(1).  The Board has the authority to sanction parties or a party may file a motion for the Board to impose sanctions. 
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Ethical_Legal SignThe PTAB recently revisited Patent Owners’ requests to file motions for sanctions against the Petitioner, Coalition for Affordable Drugs (“CFAD”).  The CFAD was started in conjunction with hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, who has been accused of filing IPRs in order to manipulate company stock price for his hedge fund’s monetary gain.  Recently, in Coalition for Affordable Drugs v Celgene Corp. (IPR2015-01169), the PTAB authorized Celgene to file a Petition for Abuse of Process against CFAD. 
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